Saturday, April 28, 2012

Women's Right's Audience

The early women’s movement, and more current social movement of women in the workplace attract two audiences—women and men. The movement’s purpose is not only to empower women, like many people assume, but also to convince men that women are a gender worth supporting in the workplace.

Stretching as far back at 1911, a day devoted to the empowerment of women called International Women’s Day (IWD), has been a way to promote gender diversity in the workplace. It endorses women’s growth through political, economic and social achievements. In 2011, IWD’s slogan was “Empower. Invest. Accelerate.” When researching the motives behind the day, words such as “strengthen and encourage” were also included. These words are directed towards women, as the connotation behind them instigates women to feel motivated.

The movement is also directed at men to convince them that women deserve the same rights that they possess. Difference in pay and position keep (some) men from understanding and accepting that women are just as capable as them.

For more on the differences of men and women in the workplace refer to: Routledge International Encyclopedia of Women

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The Global Retention of Women (GROW) 2011 International Women’s Day Toolkit

By: Molly Flaig

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