Monday, April 30, 2012

Effects of Feminism in Society

Feminism has had a very significant impact on society in many different ways.  It has had a positive impact on women as they have much more freedom in everything they want to do.  Some of the things that have been improved are: better education offerings, almost equal pay to men, options regarding contraceptives/birth control, abortion, voting rights, and opportunities for life outside the home.  Feminism has also had a positive impact on men.  Some men feel less pressure to be the sole income provider of the household and it is more socially acceptable to be a stay at home dad if he pleases. Women have come a long way in gaining rights but there is always more progress to be made. 

Feminism has had a negative impact in some regards.  Families have had somewhat of a negative impact from feminism.  More parents are both opting to work so that sense of family can be missing in some homes.  Another problem with feminism in society is stereotyping.  Some of society views feminism as a negative thing because they have only seen the most radical feminists.  Stereotyping gives feminism a bad reputation with society.  Feminism has had somewhat of a negative impact on men’s’ lives too.  Some men have let feminism bring down their ego; they don’t feel as masculine when women have so much power.  While feminism has impacted the ego of some men negatively, it has sparked an interest in others.  Many men throughout history and today consider themselves feminists.    

Feminism has had both positive and negative impacts throughout history and it will continue to do so.

Author: Holly P.


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